Southpaw Pet Salon LLC
Grooming with a Personal Touch


Welcome to Southpaw Pet Salon LLC

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Providing a happy grooming experience for your pet along with quality work and personalized service.

Southpaw is a private home-based pet salon.  This allows for low volume, low stress, high quality grooming.  We treat dogs and cats with gentle hands and a kind heart.


The salon is located in Amissville, just off Indian Run Road on Little Pond Lane. 

Appointments are scheduled Tuesday through Saturday between 8 am and 6 pm.

We don’t rush to squeeze in as many pets as possible. We use products that are safe for pets, people, and the environment. We build a trusting relationship so even anxious dogs enter the salon looking forward to their visit.
We understand cats and use low stress handling techniques with them.

On your first visit please bring a current rabies certificate showing expiration date (or ask your vet to email it to us in advance).  Use a leash for your dog’s safety.  Flexi leads need to be locked to a short length. Cats must be in a carrier and we suggest putting a familiar towel or blanket inside.